Create XML Web Reports from Access

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Create XML Web Reports from Access


Danny Lesandrini


Transforming XML data with XSL is a great way to deliver formatted content to

the Web. Although creating XSL stylesheets can be daunting for the uninitiated, the

new ExportXML method in Access 2002 makes it easy to publish even the most

complicated reports. Danny Lesandrini shows how you can “push” or “pull” your

Access reports to or from the Internet.


THE new ExportXML method in Microsoft Access 2002 is great for

generating XML files from Access tables, but its greatest value may lie

in its ability to generate formatted XML Web reports. For those who

haven’t yet explored this brave new frontier, XSL is a transformation language

(similar in some ways to SQL) that can be applied to XML data files to produce

any output that you want—including a formatted HTML output.

According to the Help file, the syntax for generating a report as

transformed-XML from Access 2002 takes this form:


ExportXML( ObjectType, DataSource, DataTarget, _

SchemaTarget, PresentationTarget, _

ImageTarget, Encoding, OtherFlags )


For example, to create an HTM page to display an Access 2002 report

named rptBookSales001, you could use the following code:  ...




Figure 1. Sample

XML, XSL, and

HTM output.


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