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A list of articles

Just in case you missed an article, here are links to many of the greats reads on vb123.com.au


Database Design and Tables >>


Data Modeling for the Access Newcomer
An Access Project, Part 1: Requirements
The ABCs of Requirements Management for Access
The Trouble with Normal
Parts 2-5 Normalization and Management Advice
Explore Your Data With SubdataSheets
Do More for Less
Decomposing a Badly Designed Table
I've Got Plenty of Nothing


Queries >>


Access Answers: All in the Family
Computing the Median (Again)
Making the Grade
Access Subquery Techniques
Combining Tables using Union Queries
Tame the Crosstab Missing Column Beast
SQL Without Joins
Doing Two Things at Once
Query Queries
Consolidating Your Data With Queries
Flexible normalization and denormalization: Case 2
Demystifying JOINs


Forms >>


Flexible Normalization and Denormalization of Data

Closing All Open Forms

Tip: Closing All Forms

Breadcrumbs, or How I Learned to Love the Switchboard

Dynamic Menus

Conditional Formats on Access Forms

Listing Conditional Formats

Eventful Formatting for Access Forms

Positioning a Record on a Form

Using Invisible Forms to Track Users

Explorer Forms with a Single Keystroke

Expanding and Contracting Forms

Control Your Subforms

Let Your Users Sort it Out

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Accessing Subforms

Using List Regions with Many-to-Many Relationships
Undo in Sub Forms

You Can Do That with Datasheets?

The Sub-SubForm Youve Always Wanted

From Zoom Box to Custom Dialog

Invisible Forms: Park Your Global Values Here


Access Controls >>


Tricks With Combo Boxes
Drilling with Combo Boxes
Creating Paired Listbox Controls, Part 1
Creating Paired Listbox Controls, Part 2
Use Classes to Enhance List and Combo Boxes
Your Listbox-Filling Options
Get More From Your List Boxes
Let me check my list…
Intelligent Combo Boxes
Drag and Drop in Access
Dynamic Checklists
Working with groups of controls
We Get Letters
Managing Margins Of Text Box and Label Controls
From Zoom Box to Custom Dialog
Validate input such as ZIP codes and postal codes
How can I change the size of the checkbox on my form
Find controls where the Procedures have gone missing
Ordering Controls, Fixing Bugs, and Speeding Up Remote Databases
Choosing Options
All Things Not Being Equal
Working with groups of controls
Dynamic Checklists
Managing Margins Of Text Box and Label Controls
From Zoom Box to Custom Dialog
Validate input such as ZIP codes and postal codes
Let me check my list…
Tricks With Combo Boxes
Drilling with Combo Boxes
Creating Paired Listbox Controls, Part 1   and Part 2
Use Classes to Enhance List and Combo Boxes
Your Listbox-Filling Options
Supporting Custom Sort Orders
Get More From Your List Boxes



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Reports and Graphs >>


Things about Reports that you probably dont know

Reports: Multiple Columns and Subreports

Creating a Great Report

Saving Reports is a Snap

Printing Pesky ZIP Codes and Set the Start Page Number

How to Pad Access Reports With Blank Rows

Dynamic Grouping In Reports

Dot Leaders and Table Of Contents Reports

Outputting Flexible Data

User Interface Standards-Reports

Create Dynamic Chart Applications

PivotTables in Access

Programming Pivot Tables for Access Forms

Analyze Your Data in Space

Graph to GIFs and Powerpoint

Easy as Pie

Exploring Your Data Visually


Office and Office365 >>

Excel Automation

Build Word 2003 Docs with XML

Four Ways to Merge to Word

What Access Developers Need to Know About Word

Outputting Flexible Data

Excellent Analysis

Creating Spreadsheets Without Excel

Extending Access Reports with Word and HTML
Use Excel to Analyze and Graph Access Data

Does This File Register with You

Manipulating Outlook Data from Access
Consolidating Outlook Contact Data
Send Data Without Attachments



User Interface >>


Access User Interface Design

Six Rules for Effective User Interface Design
Handling Visual Complexity

Navigation Through Recursion

The Form’s the Thing

Access Application Development Documentation

Implementing Proactive User Assistance

Improving Data Entry Feedback with Sound
Cuing Banners

Access Answers: Talk to Me

Access Interfaces: Handling Price Ranges

Access Answers: But it Worked Yesterday!

Logging Access Startup Details and Version Control

Making History

Error Trapping with a Code Builder

No More Write-only Code

List Boxes, Access Bugs, and More

Access Database Performance
Is The Query Compiled?

Access Answers

Access Efficiency

Working SQL: Efficient SQL



VBA >>


Objects for the Database Developer

Using Dynamic External Event Procedures

Preventing Reference Failures

Two Functions You Don't Use Enough

Embedded quotes in SQL statements

“Just-In-Time” Queries
Handling Print Layout
More Dragging Around

File Open Dialog Options

Dealing with File Names

The FileSystemObject

Accessing Spatial Data, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Peter Comes to Bat - Handling Quotes, Weekdays
Hide Your Input, and it’s Pretty Common

User Preferences, Toggles, and Rocket Science
Choosing Directories: Harder Than It Sounds
System Tables, Mixing Versions

More Favorites

Access Answers: Shortcuts, Quotes, and What Have I Done?

Microsoft Access Forms—All Class

Shrink-Wrapped or Do-it-yourself Queries

Cool Tricks for the Sophisticated Developer

Advanced Data Shaping

Read this to feel PtrSafe about Office 64 Bit compatibility

Soundex: "Close" Only Counts in Horseshoes

Properties Without Fear

Embedded quotes in SQL statements

About Time

When DateAdd Doesn't

Date Tricks

Fuzzy Dates

Working All Day
Did Someone Say Holiday
Access Developer Needs a Date

Dates, Data Access, and Presentation

Playing Tag with Validation

Access 2003 and XML

Put XML to Use in Access 2000+

Taking Outlook and XML to Task

Access to XML

Using FTP from Access Applications

Save Yourself Some Work

Data export made easy

Matching Data for Analysis



Other Topics >>


Building vb123.com.au with Azure
Making Your Applications Talk
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