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Smart Access Article Abstracts






From Zoom Box to Custom Dialog

Mike Toole





For some applications you just can’t get enough screen real-estate, especially when you have fields that display a large amount


of text. Mike Toole describes an alternative to the Zoom box that not only looks and works better but avoids the Zoom box’s spu


Managing Margins Of Text Box and Label Controls

Christopher R. Weber





This month, Chris Weber talks about four TextBox and label formatting properties that were introduced in Access 2000+ and


some unexpected side effects of using them.


Have Some Control! Tricks With Combo Boxes

Doug Steele



Access Answers


This month, Doug Steele gathers together a number of questions about using the ComboBox control. My ComboBox displays


multiple fields in it when I’ve got it dropped down, but once I select a value, it only displays a single field. Is there any way I can see the other fields once I’ve made a selection?


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