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A Classy Interface for Microsoft Excel
Garry Robinson

In this article, Garry Robinson shows you how to use a class to manipulate Microsoft excel. His class provides a software layer that hides the complexity of dealing with Excel through VBA. You'll see how to use Garry's class to push single pieces of data into Excel, how to transfer data from queries into Excel, and how to let users navigate between results using bookmarks.

"Note: We are still using this code for many of our Excel reporting projects" says Garry


Data Modeling for the Access Newcomer, Part 2
Glenn Lloyd

Last month Glenn Lloyd started outlining his approach to data modelling. This month he finishes his discussion of the rules that ensure that your database will actually work after you've built it.


Access Answers: Want Machine Information
Doug Steele

This month Doug Steele looks at how to tap into the wealth of information available through windows management instrumentation (WMI), a component of the Microsoft windows operating system.


The Access 2016 downloads for the Robinson and Steele articles are on dropbox here