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Smart Access Article Abstracts






Access Database Performance

Peter Vogel





With a combination of abstract rules and real-world stories, editor Peter Vogel provides you with the rules that you need to create Access applications that run as fast as possible. And he throws in some advice on advancing your career.


Let Your Users Sort it Out

Christopher R. Weber





After getting medieval on the problem, Chris Weber develops a solution that allows users to sort the data in their forms (or


subforms) that you can add to your application easily (and spend even less time maintaining). Along the way, he discusses the


characteristics of a well-designed module.


Two Functions You Don't Use Enough

Wayne Wallace





Wayne Wallace shows you how to use two functions (Eval and Format) to do things that you might not have thought of.


I've Got Plenty of Nothing and Did Someone Say Holiday

Doug Steele



Access Answers


This month, Doug Steele starts by looking at a technique for finding unused fields in tables and then moves on to show how to


calculate holidays. I recently took over support for a database that’s pretty poorly documented. I’m pretty sure that there are fields in some of the tables that aren’t being used. I know that there are third-party tools that will help determine this...

Architecture Analysis and design are held in high regard because, over the years, various projects have run into problems after the project has started and some code has had to be rewritten. Peter discusses further in his Editorial.







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