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Smart Access Article Abstracts






How to Tame the Crosstab Missing Column Beast (and Get a Free Lunch)

Michael Watson





Crosstab queries are a powerful means of summarizing data. But they can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. Mike


Watson looks at how you can ensure that your data-driven crosstab reports can work reliably. Along the way, he also shows


how Access helps you out by ignoring unwanted data.


Computing the Median (Again)

Christopher R. Weber





You should never calculate the average value of anything without also calculating the median value. Chris Weber explains why


and gives you a clean, step-by-step method for deriving the median value from any numeric series. Unlike other published


methods, Chris’ method uses no temporary tables or custom functions—all you need is a single query.














Handling Visual Complexity

Peter Vogel





Building a great user interface isn’t simple—but the result should be. No matter how complex the task is, your users should find


it easy to figure how to use your application. Peter Vogel discusses two kinds of complexity and the strategies for making
things simple.


Access Answers: "Close" Only Counts in Horseshoes

Doug Steele



Access Answers


This month, Doug Steele looks at a couple of techniques to help determine when entries are close enough to be considered the


same. My users have problems with the accuracy of their typing. Is there some way that I can check whether something close


to the lookup passes the test.

--- Negotiation Another Peter Vogel editorial


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