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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Using FTP from Access Applications

Bogdan Zamfir





We live in a connected world -- Almost every system has to exchange data with another system. One of the oldest and widespread communication protocols is FTP. In this article,


Bogdan Zamfir shows you how you can incorporate FTP access into your applications.




Consolidating Outlook Contact Data

Rick Dobson





Good database design ensures that there's only one place to store any piece of data. But in many companies, data is stored in


many places on many different computers. Outlook data is one example -- important customer data ends up being stored on


many diff


Invisible Forms Revisited: Park Your Global Values Here

Tobi Hoffman





Back in February 2003, Tobi Hoffman wrote an article about using invisible forms in conjunction with Citrix or Terminal Services


based access databases. Since then, Tobi has discovered that adding an invisible form to your application can make a number of


Access Answers: We Get Letters

Doug Steele



Access Answers


This month, Doug Steele passes on feedback he's received from readers about past columns. Along the way, he shows how


different priorities cause different programmers to come up with different solutions for the same problem.


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