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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Access 2006—Have Your Say

Garry Robinson





The purpose of this editorial is to encourage you to put forward your own ideas about what you want to see in the next version


of Access. We encourage you to send in your ideas, and we’ll publish them (in full) on my Web site.


Managing State Transitions

Rebecca Riordan





This month, Rebecca Riordan looks at two simple techniques for expanding the standard Lookup tables. First, she shows you how Lookup tables can handle hierarchies, but then she moves on to show


how to manage state transitions




Manipulating Outlook Data from Access

Rick Dobson





In this article, Rick Dobson discusses managing Outlook contact data from Access programmatically and searching through that


contact data. He also takes a look at the Outlook Security Guard and explores a way to work around it.


The FileSystemObject

Christopher R. Weber





Sometimes your data isn’t a database; sometimes you need to get data from a flat file. Or maybe you need information about


your users’ files. Chris Weber shows how to solve all of these problems with the FileSystemObject.


Working with or without a DSN

Doug Steele



Access Answers


This month, Doug Steele answers questions about connecting to external databases like SQL Server and Oracle. Okay, I know


how to work with desktop data sources than Access, such as Excel or dBase. What about using other databases such as SQL


Server or Oracle?


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