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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Lost in Translation

Bogdan Zamfir





Modern programming environments offer many features that enable software applications to be developed with multi-


language support. However, what many companies need is an application that can be deployed in different languages in


different locations or fo


Rigging Triggers from Access Projects

Rick Dobson





Rick Dobson tackles two important topics in this article. The first is when and why you would want to use a trigger in an Access


project—Rick shows how triggers can be used to solve typical problems in an application. The second is how to create a trigger


Dude, Where’s My Data?

Doug Steele



Access Answers


In “Access Answers,” Doug Steele addresses commonly asked questions from Access developers. This month, he starts a


discussion about using data from other sources. I’ve just been given a database that’s split into a front end pointing to a back


end. How can I tell where the backend is supposed to be?


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