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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Improving Data Entry Feedback with Sound

Rebecca Riordan





Most applications use message boxes for providing reactive feedback, but they have some serious drawbacks in the “heads


down” data entry environment. In this article, Rebecca Riordan demonstrates a technique that replaces message boxes with


sound and stat


Sounding Off

Peter Vogel





This month’s issue on using sound made me think of other places where sound is used effectively write Peter in his editorial.


Accessing Subforms

Rick Dobson





The Access subform wizards do much of the work in connecting a main form to its subform. In this article, Rick Dobson goes


beyond the wizards to show you how to perform two new tasks with a subform. He also takes you behind the scenes to


increase your und


Dealing with File Names

Bogdan Zamfir





Access applications can use Jet databases, other databases (as linked tables), or SQL Server. But sometimes you need to work


with files on your hard disk. Bogdan Zamfir provides you with every function that you’ll need to work with file names—


including c


More Dragging Around and Cuing Banners

Doug Steele



Access Answers


Doug Steele tries to address commonly asked questions from Access developers. This month, he extends his look at how to add


drag-and-drop to an Access application, as well as looking at how to simulate XP Cue Banners. I tried implementing your drag-


and-drop code from your article in the January 2003 issue.


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