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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Making Your Applications Talk

Peter Vogel





Not everyone has 20/20 vision. If you’re displaying large amounts of text, it might be easier for your users to listen to your


data. When something goes wrong, you might want to provide an audible cue that’s more informative than 'beep.' For all of


these tasks, the Microsoft TextToSpeech object is just what you need. Peter Vogel leads the conversation.


XML and Relational Databases

Peter Vogel





One course that I teach is four days on relational database design. The last time that I taught the course, one participant asked


about “XML databases” and whether they would replace relational databases. Peter writes about XML in this editorial.


Adding Style to Reports

Dave Gannon & Nich Mann





Tired of creating boring reports? Dave Gannon and Nich Mann show you how to add some visual pizzazz.








Accessing the FileDialog Object

Garry Robinson





One of the best ways to make your database look like a 'real application' is to tap into the standard Windows routines-and using


these routines also saves you time. Garry Robinson shows you how to use the Windows File Open dialog to let your users select  files the Windows way.


Switchboards and Access Workgroup Security and SQL Issues

Wayne Wallace





Wherein Wayne Wallace solves two problems in one question: finding out whether a user can access a form and configuring a


switchboard to access only the permitted forms. Not content with what the customer asks for, he provides an even better


solution. Wayne then looks at two issues in SQL: non-normalized data and logical Nots.