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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Access Application Development Documentation

Dennis Schumaker





When it comes time to make a change to your program (and you’ll have to change your program), good documentation can direct you to the areas to change and alert you to


potential problems. If you have a bug to fix, effective documentation can help


you solve the problem (without introducing new problems). Dennis Schumaker discusses the secrets behind creating useful documentation efficiently based on his company’s real-world experience in delivering Access applications.










Demystifying JOINs

Russell Sinclair





In this month’s instalment of Working SQL, Russell Sinclair explains the mysteries of the JOIN statement in SQL and how to use it with both Jet and SQL Server. First RS explains what the different types of JOINs are.




FMS Total Visual Code Tools 2002

Danny J. Lesandrini





If you’ve never been good about coding standards, or your good intentions are sometimes sacrificed when you’re working in crunch mode, then you owe it to yourself


to check out Total Visual Code Tools 2002, a great set of coding tools by FMS. Here,


Danny Lesandrini walks you through an introduction.


Access Answers

Mike Gunderloy



Access Answers


In this issue’s column, Smart Access eXTRA eNewsletter editor Mike Gunderloy tackles some of the questions he’s gotten from readers over the past several years.