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Smart Access Article Abstracts





Iron Rules

Peter Vogel





You should apply at least the first three rules of normalization to your database design in order to get the best design. Like any other rule, you must recognize when it applies and when it doesn’t apply…




Smart Search with a SQL Back End.

Nirmala Sekhar





No database application is complete without a comprehensive search facility. Nirmala Sekhar extends


her search utility to harness the power of a SQL Server back end.















Visual Access XP Review

Danny J. Lesandrini





Microsoft Access is a two-fold blessing for programmers. In addition to being a fantastic development platform, its wide


popularity as an office productivity tool helps to sustain a market for user data reporting utilities. Savvy developers know how


to cash in on this opportunity by writing focused applications with a clear objective in mind. Does Visual Access

XP meet this litmus test? Danny Lesandrini investigates.


ADO and Subform Performance

Peter Vogel



Access Answers


Peter Vogel answers some thorny questions about using ADO to update a view (you can’t) and setting the


RecordSource property of a subform dynamically to improve an application’s performance.


Separate Your Data!

Renate Strub



Smart Tip


Renate Strub