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Access Subquery Techniques
Mike Gunderloy

Even some experienced Access developers shy away from writing SQL directly. That’s a shame, because, unless you’re willing to write SQL, you can’t use subqueries, which are a powerful tool for solving some especially thorny data retrieval problems. In this article, Mike Gunderloy introduces subqueries and shows how you can use them in Access.

Smart Search without the Hassles
Nirmala Sekhar

No database application is complete without a comprehensive search facility. There are many methods of incorporating search routines in a form or a query. In this article, Nirmala Sekhar demonstrates a simple method of searching your data based on a given list of relevant fields.  The example can be easily used in your database with very few changes.


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Remote Queries in Access
Garry Robinson

There is another way to do your linking and Garry calls it "Remote Queries".  This was retired in Access 2016.