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Smart Access Article Abstracts








What Every Access Developer Needs to Know About Word

Cindy Meister





Sometimes, as an Access Developer you need a more powerful reporting tool than Access's internal reporting feature. Microsoft Word can give you the power that you need. Cindy Meister's article covers the topics that every Access developer needs to know about Microsoft Word.






Getting Better

Peter Vogel





For the past four issues I’ve been using this space to talk about ways that you can manage your career to ensure that you can have the jobs you want (and stay employed). This is the last editorial in this series (I promise!), and I’m going to use it to talk about what you can do to improve in any particular skill.


























Client-Server Efficiency and Weekdays

Mike Gunderloy



Access Answers


Mike Gunderloy digs into the way Access 2000+ works with SQL Server and returns once more to the issue of counting the days of the week in a month.