Doug Steele

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Doug Steele

dougsteele Doug Steele has worked with databases-both mainframe and PC-for many years with a major international oil company. In a previous life, he taught introductory computer programming at the University of Waterloo. Microsoft has recognized him as an Access MVP for his contributions to the user community over the years.

Doug is the author of Access Solutions with Arvin Meyer


Articles  Online Include
(Almost all the articles are from the long running Access Answers Series)


Drag and Drop in Access 2007 and 2010

Let me check my list

Tricks With Combo Boxes

All in the Family

Want Machine Information

An Average Column: I Mean, What Mode is Your Median

More Favorites

Excelling Automatically

I've Got Plenty of Nothing

Did Someone Say Holiday

I've Just Got to Get a Message to You

"Close" Only Counts in Horseshoes

Hide Your Input, and it’s Pretty Common

Give Me a Call
Save Yourself Some Work

Does This File Register with You

Making the Grade

Sounds Good to Me and Stupid Date Tricks

We Get Letters

Embedded quotes in SQL statements

Working All Day

Working with or without a DSN

Shortcuts, Quotes, and What Have I Done?

Becoming an Access Groupie

But it Worked Yesterday!

Doing Two Things at Once

Validate input such as ZIP codes and postal codes

About Time

How to be Regular and About Time

Web Service Wannabes_2

More Dragging Around and Cuing Banners

Access Developer Needs a Date