Adding a Decent Tick to Your Access Report                                                  

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Adding a Decent Tick to Your Access Report                                                  


By Garry Robinson

If you want a tick (or an empty box) in a report that doesn't look as quirky as a check box, its time to add a new field to your query and use the Chr() function. Then add that new field to the report and assign the data control the WindDings font. Thanks to Armen Stein of J Street Technology, Access MVP and Author for the inspiration for this tip.  Look at the picture and you will see how it is done.



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Comments By Others

Regarding the ticks on the report, I use the same technique quite often, and particularly on reports and Command Buttons, to give me access to a lite version of many pictures without having to (a) supply image files or (b) embed them (and thus bloat the database filesize). Unfortunately, in ListBoxes and the like, it only works for the single-byte character sets.



Graham R Seach,  Access MVP