Processing Outlook Orders

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Processing Outlook Orders

Garry Robinson and Scott McManus show how they accepted

orders placed for their company’s software through an online

ordering system. With some Access code that links to Outlook,

they process those orders automatically.


ONE of the most important components of running

a Web site is the ability to accept orders from

customers. Anyone who has successfully

completed a secure Web site ordering system has my

full admiration. It isn’t easy to achieve. If you then had

a large number of customers who used that ordering

system successfully, you and your team are geniuses.

For the rest of the Web sites in the world, the safest and

easiest way to add an ordering system is to use one from

a reputable third party.


This article shows how to read an order that arrives

as an e-mail, store that information in your database,

prepare an e-mail to inform your new customers that

you’ve received their order, and then move that e-mail

to another folder upon completion. The example that

we’ve presented is designed to accept orders from, a third-party secure ordering Web site

with many thousands of software developers as its

clients. While this article is specific to,

the code that we use here could be applied to any Web

form or software system that produces text (e-mail) in

a consistent format.


Preparing an e-mail

When we first thought about writing this article, we

wondered how readers could get a sample e-mail order to

try with our demonstration software. We solved this by

building a sample order in text that you can e-mail to

yourself. To generate such an e-mail, we wrote some code

to create an instance of Outlook and then create a new

Outlook e-mail:


Dim appOL As Outlook.Application

Dim testEmail As Outlook.MailItem

Set appOL = Outlook.Application

Set testEmail = appOL.CreateItem(olMailItem)

testE-mail.Subject = "Add your own e-mail address"


We generate a test order through a function that

reads a text file. As in many previous articles, we use the...


Read more in the pdf article here Processing E-mail Orders Using Outlook and Access