Let Me Introduce Myself

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Let Me Introduce Myself

petervogel Peter Vogel            

Last month former Smart Access Editor Paul Litwin said goodbye and now I'm saying hello. I'm not entirely on board yet -- next issue will be the first that I'll be doing more or less on my own. Fortunately, Paul has promised to stick around and give me the benefit of his experience and wisdom. More importantly, Paul will continue to contribute to Smart Access, something he didn't do enough of, for my taste, when he was also the magazine's editor.
I read my first issue of Smart Access three years ago and, as I read it, I kept saying, "I didn't know that!" I subscribed immediately. Several months ago when Paul asked if I'd consider following him as editor I immediately said "Sure!" Fools rush in?
As a contributor, I've been associated with Smart Access since I started writing articles for computer magazines. Heck, I sold the second article I ever wrote to Paul -- I was too nervous to try to sell my very first article to Smart Access. I hope that many of you feel that you already know me through my articles that have appeared in these pages. After all, it would be a shame to have your newsletter taken over by a complete stranger.
Since that first sale, I've written for a number of magazines and many editors. Overall, though, I've published more articles in Smart Access than in any other publication. I kept coming back to Smart Access for two reasons. The first reason was that Smart Access had the best editor I'd worked with. The second reason was that this newsletter had the most useful content of any publication that I read.
And those two points pretty much sum up my goals as your new editor. I want to keep doing what Paul has done so well: giving the Access developer the best information and the best techniques for using a fabulous product. If you've never contributed to this publication, I want to give you the opportunity to share your experiences, knowledge, and techniques with other members of this community. And if you're content to remain a reader, I hope that you feel as passionate about Smart Access as I've felt since I picked up my first copy. My job as editor is to serve your needs and to make you look forward every month to the next issue of Smart Access.
See you next month.



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